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Inrease bookings, sync like a pro, take Stripe payments, live pricing and iCal export channel management. Just some of the super boost features for your tabs booking system.

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  • Cedar Ridge

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  • Summer Cottage

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Tabs sends your property details to Boost & your website via the Tabs API.
Boost takes the API data and delivers its special features. Syncing becomes a joy, not a pain.
Customers are delivered with a lightning fast website experience with live pricing.

What is Boost?

Boost is a web application that acts as a bridge between Tabs and you customer facing website. It lives within your existing website setup, whether that's WordPress, Drupal, Sitecore or something a little more customised.

Lightweight and focused on speed, Boost even reduces the amount of requests to the API, making the customer experience a dream.

Boost is developed by a team of developers and user interface designers who have designed, built and developed Tabs based sites for the past five years.

Search & filter at lightspeed

Rapid, accurate property results and filtering are key to creating a memorable user experience and increased conversions. We've built Boost to deliver results with realtime prices and filters. All without any extra calls to the Tabs API.

The Boost filters in action

Key features at a glance

A quick look at some of the key features. For a full run down on how Boost can help get you more bookings, improve your site speed, and increase efficiency within your agency, drop us a line.

  • Live Pricing

    No more "from" prices. Boost gives your visitors accurate realtime pricing for the dates they've searched for.

  • Streamlined Syncing

    Get a complete overview of your syncing from Tabs to your website. Bulk syncing will be a thing of the past.

  • Payment independence

    With Boost, you're not tied to just SagePay as you would be in Tabs. Choose from multiple payment providers.

  • Blazingly fast results & filters

    We've reworked search and filtering of results, delivering the visitor fast results without any unnecessary API calls.

  • iCal export

    Channel manage your properties on some of the biggest booking providers through individual property iCal export.

  • Customisable

    Need more property features or attributes? Want a larger hero photo? Custom options are available for these & more.

View live revenue data

Jumping between Tabs and ecommerce analytics can be a real pain. That's why we've added live & historical revenue within Boost. Juggling different apps is now a thing of the past.

Online BookingRiverside cottage
  • Dates10/08/2018 - 17/08/2018
  • Value£1130
  • DepositNo deposit
  • Extras£130

Add Boost to your site

Boost is a platform that provides enhanced features to your website Tabs integration. With a focus on customer experience from both a customer and user perspective, Boost is designed to increase customer conversions and improve your business efficiency.

WordPress integration

Offered as a WordPress integration, Boost can be modified to work with any CMS. For technical information, call us on 01209 311124

About us

We're a team of developers and user experience experts that have over 15 years experience in designing digital solutions for the travel and leisure industry. Developed by the team at Creation, we've been working on Tabs based sites for over 5 years.

Disclaimer: Creation & the Boost plugin are in no way affiliated to Tabs or the Original Cottage Company Ltd